• Gazechim Composites, leading distributor

    Gazechim Composites

    Gazechim Composites is the leading distributor of composite materials in France.
  • G’VAC vacuum bagging

    G’VAC vacuum bagging

    G’VAC is a range of products designed for industrial vacuum bagging. The range includes films, bleeders and adhesives specific to the vacuum bagging process...

  • manufacture of tooling


    Tooling refers to the manufacture of tooling, patterns and moulds for the automotive industry, smelting works, renewable energy, marine and aviation...

  • Core materials

    Core materials

  • pre-preg reinforcement


    A pre-preg is a reinforcement that has been pre-impregnated with resin. Stored in a cool area, mainly used in the aviation, automotive, boat-building and military industries...

  • Resins and Gelcoats

    Resins & Gelcoats

    There are several types of resin: polyester resins, polyurethane resins and epoxy resins. Each resin has its own characteristics and technical properties.

  • Reinforcements composites Sport


    There are several types of reinforcements: Woven reinforcements, non-woven reinforcements and membranes. These are glass, carbon or aramid and have several applications: marine, aviation, automotive...